Groundnut Thresher Single Blower
Groundnut Thresher Dubble Blower
Groundnut Decorticator
Garlic Seperator Machine
Almond Shelling / Almond Cracking Machine
Wheet, Millet, Jowar, Grading Machine
Tractor Trailer
Mini Tractor Trailer
Hydraulic Reversible Plough
Chaff Cutter Machine
Aarti Pooja Yantra
Tractor Trailer
Groundnut Decorticator is a leading manufacturer
Tractor Trailer

2 Wheels Hydraulic Tractor Trailer
Langth of Trailer 3125mm
Width of Trailer 1830mm
Height of doors 500mm
Chassis Details Channel Used Chassis Sized 177mm x 76mm
2510mm x 1000mm
Sub Chassis Channel used
Sub Chassis Size
100mm x 50mm
3050mm x 1000mm
Frame Channel used
Frame Size
75mm x 38mm
3125mm x 1830mm
Bottom plate 6mm Thick
Side door Plate 3mm
Axel 75mm x 75mm ( Thick )
Wheel Plates 8mm Thick
Axel Housing Heavy ( 8 Holes )
Bearings Size in Axel 32211 and 32215.
Tyre Size 9.00 x 16
Hydraulic Cylinder Single Cylinder ( 5 Metric Tone Capacity )
Water Tank

We are engaged in bringing forth well designed Water Tank all over the country. We are counted among the top manufacturerrs and Suppliers of Tempo Water Tank. The Water Tanker on TATA LPT 1109 of capacity ranging from 2 to 20 Kl with sprinkler & side discharge is available.

  • Well designed
  • First grade SS and MS used
  • Completely corrosion resistant
  • Flawless quality


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# Groundnut Thresher Single Blower # Mini Tractor Trailer
# Groundnut Thresher Dubble Blower # Hydraulic Reversible Plough
# Groundnut Decorticator # Cultivator
# Garlic Seperator Machine # Leveler
# Almond Shelling / Almond Cracking Machine # Chaff Cutter Machine
# Wheet, Millet, Jowar, Grading Machine # Aarti Pooja Yantra
# Tractor Trailer    


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